Tuesday, 31 May 2011

BiLa RinDu

aQ RinDu KaT DiER...
DaH AlMosT 4 YeARs Aq nGaN DiER BerSaMa
DiER GuY YaNg PaLiNg BaEK peNaH aQ JuMpER
aQ TaU Yg DieR SyG Kat aQ
TaPi diA KeJe KaT LuaR NeGeRi aQ KeJe SkUnK
WeeKeND BaRu KiTorG JumPeR
TaPi aQ SeLaLu RaSer KaN yG diA dESerVE a BeTTeR PeRsOn ThAn Me
Am I CRaZy???
OhhhHH...aQ riNdUkaN DiER...


  1. kau kira ok lah, hujung minggu dpt jumpa dye...
    aq 3bulan sekali baru leyh jumpa :(

  2. TaPi NtaH LaR...aQ raSa MaCaM BoWSaN...aQ nAk sAngAT dIEr aDEr kaT Cc aQ...TeNaNgKaN aQ BiLeR aQ StReSS NgaN KeJer...hurmmm

  3. Zack: Sometime you just need to be independent, don't always rely on others. If you do, one day when you turn around there will be no your footstep but others since they leads and guide you.

    Why not you just make your own footstep and being proud of yourself? One day, those footstep will be the sweetest memories in your life. Yes is good to have your life partner by your side and leads you but remember that you partner will not follow you until end of your life but you yourself.

  4. ermm...yup patrick..some points, i agree with u...but if u know me well, i am already an independent one..what i am trying to say here is, i just miss him...a lot...and sharing my story with him...he is a good companion to me...n i appreciate that...but like u said, he will not will be with me till end of mine, but we had built our relationship on the fact that this isn't be forever...and, i just go with d flow...thanx for your nice reminder :)